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Unique product

Dream Whisper

€ 50,00
Dream Whisper
Unique product

The ultimate additional "Dream Whisper" dream statement + Dream Tarot Cards insight and support.

+ the not to forget Dream Symbols and the Chakra dream connection. The energies and of course the elements and / or constellations completely bundled in one very unique opportunity that you should not miss.

In addition, you will discover your dream familiar! Not to mention the dream moon or sun energy 

Ask Marjan your dream question and you will receive help, insight, support and advice in a personal short session.


Experience the power of personal support. You will receive immediate answers to what you can work on, what you can learn from it, tips, tricks. You immediately see and experience where your soul growth, healing and healing moments are.

It is very personal and answered and made by Marjan. 


It goes like this. You ask your question via the option chosen by you personally. skype, whatsapp, email and / or video call (Note take into account the payment time / appointment time). 

You will receive a personal answer from me, you may of course respond again and / or ask an additional question. The session will then last about 50 +/- 60 minutes depending on your dreamquestion.   

If you choose the email option, you will receive a return email with a reply and support as soon as possible.   


Please note that an appointment will be scheduled after booking!