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Start September

Online Workshop Dream Guides / Familiars

€ 70,00
Online Workshop Dream Guides / Familiars
Start September

The ultimate opportunity to discover the combination between shamanism, the natural connections and dream guides familiars, animal spirits and dreams. Learn from the dream and dream fimiliar expert how you can use this great combination to discover even more depth in your dreams and / or visions.


Learn to explain your dreams, but especially see the great effect between Animal spirits / Dream familiars and dreams, explain visions. Find out which animal spirits are with you right now, accompany you during the day and when you dream, vision, meditate and so on.

Learn all about the power and skills of animal guides, spirits and meet your dream familiar. Discover what the signals are, discover what the message is, discover the depth of nature and learn to discover it from your source and your base




How does it work!


Choose your date "set the date on which you say yes to change! The meeting is via Zoom" possibly in consultation via Skype "and is entirely from your own home, office, etc. Via Zoom you will receive a personal workshop in which I will tell you everything learn about the combination between dreams and Dream familiars. You will get to work yourself, you will apply the theory directly and after the workshop you will also know how to apply it for yourself and for other people (clients). dream gain insight Don't miss it this really is an opportunity you shouldn't pass up.

You get from me!

Basic Theory about spirit animals / Dream familiars

Basic Theory to explain dreams and visions

The online workshop in which the combination between the two is explained. In which I take you step by step through the entire process,




After payment you will receive the zoom "possibly in consultation via Skype" participation link! You will receive the start time at 15:00! The theory and any additional information required. You also know directly who your Co-Dream familiars workshoppers are via zoom.


The workshop has a maximum of 5 participants. The reason for this is that I would like to give you personal attention and guide everything personally! Pay attention! The workshop will only start when there are 2 participants. If this is not the case, it will be canceled 48 hours in advance and / or rescheduled to the next date.